Leopard Flip Flop Croc Charm

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Shoe Charms for Crocs over 500 Funky Designs!


Looking for a way to personalise your clogs and make them truly your own?
Look no further than our collection of fantastic charms!

With over 400 variations available, you’ll always find the perfect charm to match your style.

Choose from a range of designs, including cute dog breeds, nurse-themed, vibrant pink hues, and personalised letters.

Our charms are effortless to attach and remove, so you can mix and match them as much as you like.
Add some flair and show off your unique personality with our Clogitz charms today!

? Made with high quality, non-toxic, waterproof PVC

These charms are not toys and can pose as a choking hazard.



All Clogitz charms are dispatched via Royal Mail Second Class.


Clogitz are the easiest and most fun way to create a customised design on your clogs. There are over 300 charms to choose from and the best thing about them is they are removable so you can change your design to suit your mood.

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